How do you turn a mini excavator into a device that generates a steady stream of profits?

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Mini excavators are popular because of their efficient digging capacity. However, few people know how to make full use of these machines. When you pair a mini excavator with the right accessory and coupler system, a mini excavator can be used for a wide range of activities (except digging) and can generate a higher profit stream.

But before we go on, you need to know the difference between a miniature excavator and a standard excavator. There are certain benefits to using miniature excavators, making them more suitable for certain types of tasks. Mini or compact excavators, in addition to being lighter and smaller, provide reduced track marks and top floor damage. It is more comfortable and convenient to operate in a crowded place. They can also be easily moved from one site to another. Mini excavators may also be expected to last longer than standard excavators.

If you want to know the untapped potential of these machines, check out these six jobs that do more than just dig.

1. Break

mini excavator can be used for disassembly purposes. These machines can complete small scale demolition work (e.g. side walls, paths, swimming pools, etc.) in one day. All you need to do is combine the device with a circuit breaker.

After these dismantlements are complete, the operator can connect the bucket and clamps to a mini excavator to load the resulting debris onto a truck or roll-on-roll-off ship for further processing.

2. The liquidation

Another way to generate additional revenue using mini excavators is to clear areas that have been choosed for new development. When equipped with a toothed bucket and clamps, or a three-toothed grab, you can use your mini-digger to grab, pull and drag rooted bushes off the ground.

In addition, using mini diggers and clamps, you can remove large obstacles in the road, such as fallen logs, stumps, boulders, etc. When connected to the device, you can quickly remove coarse shrubs and saplings, which are up to 4 inches in diameter.

If you want to reach areas that are hard to reach with a standard excavator, you can attach a retractable arm to the mini excavator. This provides an additional 2 feet of extension and is particularly helpful for digging up or dealing with debris.

3. The compaction

If you want to turn your small or mini excavator into a dual-purpose machine and provide a higher return on investment, then you must install a flatbed compactor on top of it. This can be used to compress the soil after digging with a bucket. Therefore, it eliminates the need for manual operations.

Plate compactor has several advantages. In addition to being more powerful than hand compilers, they are more effective in hard-to-reach slope areas. All in all, the work can be done in less time and at less cost.

4. Improve

mini excavators are useful for trucks loading and unloading heavy materials. Compact excavators equipped with a grab can provide a precise grab that the operator can use not only to move objects but also to sort them.

In addition, the backhoe loader can easily be replaced by a combination of a mini excavator and a grab that lifts and holds the components at the bore entrance during horizontal drilling activities.

5. Prepare on site

Another way to make money with mini excavators is to prepare for paving or planting before you have time to dig. To cut through frozen ground and hard terrain, you need a ripper. However, if you want to pull the base material of the aggregate, then a standard bucket will suffice.

If you want to make your mini excavator more versatile, you can add a bucket and swing fittings. This will greatly increase its range of motion. The barrel is moved to either side by a wrist motion. This improves productivity because it eliminates the need to move the entire machine and just tilt the barrel itself. This technique can be used effectively to cut slopes, shape contours, create depressions, and more.

6. Classification

A mini excavator, with its backfill blade, can be turned into a rough or finish classifier. Can also be used as backfill leveling equipment. Corner blades are critical for rapid backfilling and grading without accumulation of dirt. Your efforts can also be greatly complimented by graded buckets that can be cut, filled, and graded. Combining this bucket with tilting swing accessories to obtain a wide range of motion can create depressions and shape profiles with ease.

While minicomputers are popular in traditional excavations, their compact size, versatile accessories and proven performance have created a whole new revenue stream for the use of minicomputers.

Want to know how to use a mini excavator? Learn more from our page, devices section.

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