Digdog Loader Sale | Wheel Loader Updates

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Update time : 2022-02-21 16:07:38

Caterpillar has updated its 988K XE electric wheel loader. The 588 horsepower loader has an operating weight of 116,362 pounds.

The crawler wheel loader provides a rated payload of 12.5 tons per hour of working face material and 16 tons of loose material. A series of barrels offer capacities ranging from 6.2 cubic yards to 17 cubic yards. Loaders Cat 770G tow truck three-lane loader and Cat 772G four-lane loader are available.

Its high-lift configuration provides the 5-channel loading of the Cat 773G and the 6-channel loading of the Cat 775G.
Digdog Loader Sale | Wheel Loader Updates

Compared to the 988K XE, the 988K XE's switched reluctance drive technology improves overall efficiency by 25% and surface loading application efficiency by 49%.

The new Steering and Integrated Control (STIC) valve provides up to 47% quieter operation, and the system provides precise mechanical control with minimal arm movement. The new rim pull control system (RSC) adjusts the left pedal from 100% to 25%, reducing the likelihood of wheel spin without reducing hydraulic efficiency. The loader's new forward flow control (PFC) hydraulic system improves efficiency, barrel sense and response speed, providing consistent performance.

Enhancements include a new Go-pedal with three dynamic brake stages to make it easier for the operator to operate with a single right Pedal. Standard tire skid prevention reduces tire skid and wear to increase tire life and reduce cost of ownership.

The loader has optional cat Autodig and auto-set tires. Lift anti-stall technology automatically manages side pull in to prevent hydraulic stall from lifting through the working face.

According to Cat, optional Cat operator training helps improve machine efficiency and provides up to 15% faster cycle times and 10% better bucket fill coefficients. Among other procedures, it describes how to shorten the stroke appropriately, avoid dismantling in the pit, enter the pile with a horizontal bucket, lower the dumping height, and use kick out. The instructor's feedback also resulted in up to a 15% reduction in fuel consumption.

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