High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics Will Upgrade Your Skid Steer

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Update time : 2022-12-30 09:16:12

The latest generation of compact track loaders brings more to the table than ever before. Todays compact track loaders must meet the growing demands of owners and operators who want to accomplish more with one machine.

Easy-to-use in tuitive controls, operator comfort features and easy maintenance continue to be among the many important features in choosing a compact track loader. People who depend on these machines day in and day out also are looking for leading attachment versatility. When it comes to powering those attachments, a loader
s auxiliary hydraulic flow specs gallons per minute (gpm) and pressure (psi) will be a big factor in determining a units attachment capabilities. Prospective buyers today have different auxiliary hydraulic options to choose from:


Standard flow for normal operating conditions and a wide array of attachment compatibility.

High-flow systems that offer increased flow at standard pressures or increased flow at higher pressures to enhance attachment performance.

High-flow, high-pressure systems result in greater productivity for attachments designed to work with the increased flows and pressures. Higher pressure adds up to greater hydraulic horsepower and faster, more efficient results in demanding applications.


The loaders equipped with all three auxiliary hydraulic flow options also feature an exclusive electronic displacement control pump that improves the engine-to-workgroup efficiency, distributing more power where and when its needed during multi-tasking operations. Smoother, faster operation with maximum power where and when you need it most means more heavy-duty work done per day.


These loaders also feature larger auxiliary hydraulic hoses and tube lines for greater hydraulic flow with less restriction.  More efficient flow results in cooler operating temperatures, better performance and extended life of the hydraulic and hydrostatic components.

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