A Compact Excavator to Fit Every Job Site

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Update time : 2023-01-03 08:54:11

How do you know which excavator is right for you? Choosing the right excavator requires careful consideration. You want the power to get the job done efficiently while achieving the lowest operating cost. The right solution depends on the types of projects you typically handle.


Needs determine size

Unlike standard-size excavators that typically excel in applications where there is a lot of space to maneuver, compact and mini excavators meet the demands of tight job sites, where you may have to work in confined spaces. Near-zero tail swing makes it easier to work around buildings, walls, guard rails and other structures.


Dig depth, reach, lift height, and bucket and lifting capacities all play roles in selecting the best excavator for the task.


Ground conditions can also help determine the most appropriate size. For example, if minimizing turf disturbance is a factor, the smaller mini excavators exert lower ground pressure. This results in less damage to finished surfaces.


Transportability is an important consideration when the machine is frequently moved between job sites. Smaller mini excavators can often be pulled behind pickup trucks and may not require any special licensing requirements, depending on the gross combined weight rating. DIGDOG compact excavators include convenient tie-down points to allow safe and easy transport.



Performance-enhancing features, durability and ease of maintenance are also important factors. DIGDOG compact excavator includes an independent swing boom that lets you work almost anywhere, and an integrated dozer blade allows the excavator to backfill or grade.


All DIGDOG  compact excavators come with wide-open engine and access covers for simplified maintenance and the same built-in durability as the larger excavators with features, such as oil-impregnated bushings.


The wide range of DIGDOG excavators means you can always find the perfect machine for your job site. Explore the full portfolio.

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