DIG-DOG DFL-30EV Mini Electrical Forklift 3 Ton

Item No.: DFL-30EV
    Rated load: 3 ton
    Lifting height: 3-5 m
    Battery: 100 ah/10
    Machine weight: 4 ton
    Upgradeable Configuration
    Support Custom Attachments
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DFL-30EV Overview

DIG-DOG DFL-30EV Electric Forklifts represent the pinnacle of innovation in material handling technology. Driven by electricity, these forklifts offer a myriad of advantages over traditional internal combustion models, including zero emissions, ease of operation, energy efficiency, and high performance. As environmental protection and energy-saving requirements continue to evolve, electric forklifts have experienced rapid growth and are now exported to countries worldwide, meeting stringent Euro V and EPA emission standards.

DFL-30EV Features and Advantages

1. Stable Lifting: Equipped with upgraded and strengthened oil cylinders, DIG-DOG DFL-30EV Electric Forklifts offer stable lifting performance. The power-packed motor ensures robust lifting capabilities, with customizable lifting heights to suit various applications.
2. Durable Construction: The forklifts feature a thickened body constructed from high-quality steel plates, ensuring durability and reliability even in demanding environments. Utilizing professional welding processes, the forklifts are built to withstand the rigors of daily operations.
3. High-Capacity Battery: Powered by brand high-capacity batteries, DFL-30EV Electric Forklifts deliver long-lasting battery life and high work efficiency. With a fully charged battery, these forklifts can operate continuously for 6-8 hours, maximizing productivity throughout the workday.
4. Attention to Detail: Every aspect of DFL-30EV Electric Forklifts is meticulously designed for optimal performance and user comfort. From the one-piece curved pipe roof guard to the curved large field of view mirror and LED headlights, each detail enhances safety and visibility during operation. Additional features such as brake lights, turn signals, adjustable steering wheel, and ergonomic handrails ensure convenience and comfort for operators. The inclusion of a feed brake power switch and emergency power-off function further enhances safety and reliability. Additionally, wear-resistant tires with excellent rubber properties and forged steel high-toughness forks ensure durability and flexibility in maneuvering. The stamping process side panel cover adds a touch of elegance while offering easy maintenance and accessibility.

DFL-30EV Applicable Scenarios

DIG-DOG DFL-30EV Electric Forklifts are suitable for a wide range of applications, including logistics companies, factories, warehouses, supermarkets, ports, and airports. Whether it's handling goods in a bustling warehouse or loading cargo at a busy port, these forklifts excel in diverse operational environments, providing unmatched efficiency, reliability, and performance.
Upgrade your material handling operations with DFL-30EV Electric Forklifts and experience the future of warehouse logistics. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative solutions and schedule a demonstration.
Electrical Forklift | Forklift Cost | Price Of Forklift

DIG-DOG Electric Forklift 1-3 Ton

Model DFL-15EV DFL-20EV DFL-30EV
Rated load 1500 kg 2000 kg 3000 kg
Lifting height 3000-5000 mm 3000-5000 mm 3000-5000 mm
Battery 70 ah/5 70 ah/10 100 ah/10
Power unit 2.2 kw 3 kw 7.5 kw
Size 2.3 × 1.2 × 2.2 m 2.3×1.2×2.2 m 2.6×1.2×2.2 m
Tyre Solid tyre Solid tyre Solid tyre
Tyre model 650-10/500-8 650-10/500-8 650-10/500-8
Machine weight 2 ton 2.6 ton 4 ton
Front Axle Oil brake Oil brake Oil brake
Fork length 1070 mm 1220 mm 1220 mm
Drive motor 3 kw 5 kw 7.5 kw
Battery working time 4-5 h 4-5 h 7-8 h
Voltage 100 V/110 V/120 V/200 V/220 V/230 V/240 V
Electrical Forklift | Forklift Cost | Price Of Forklift
Electrical Forklift | Forklift Cost | Price Of ForkliftElectrical Forklift | Forklift Cost | Price Of Forklift

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