DIG-DOG DWL60 Wheel Loader

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Introducing our Premium Wheel Loader for Sale! This heavy-duty machine is not just powerful and efficient but also comes loaded with multiple attachments, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of construction tasks. Whether you're digging, loading..
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DIG-DOG DWL60 Wheel Loader for Sale

Wheel Loader for Sale | Payloader DWL60
DWL60 Overview
Introducing the DIGDOG DWL60 Wheel Loader – your ultimate solution for heavy-duty tasks in construction, farming, and beyond. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, the DWL60 is designed to tackle a wide range of tasks with ease and efficiency.
DWL60 Features & Benefits
Versatility: From loading materials to moving them across various terrains, the DWL60 excels in versatility, making it indispensable on any job site.
Robust Construction: Constructed with standard Q355 high-strength structural steel and featuring robot welding technology, this wheel loader ensures stability, longevity, and consistent performance.
Maneuverability: With a hydraulic steering system and rugged tires or chains, the DWL60 offers exceptional maneuverability, allowing you to navigate tight spaces with ease.
Enhanced Safety: Equipped with DIGDOG special hydraulic parts and a new handbrake design, safety is prioritized, ensuring reliable performance and peace of mind.
Comfortable Operation: The spacious cab provides a wide view, while amenities like a sunroof and protective netting ensure comfortable and safe operation throughout the day.
Whether you're tackling construction projects, handling farming tasks, or managing material transport, the DIGDOG DWL60 Wheel Loader is the reliable, high-performance solution you've been searching for. Experience efficiency, productivity, and unmatched quality with the DWL60 – your partner for success in any endeavor.

Wheel Loader for Sale | Payloader

Main Performance Parameters of DWL60 Wheel Loader

Performance Rated Load 6000KG
Overall Weight 17800KG
Rated Bucket Capacity 3.3m3
Maximum Tractive Force 165KN
Maximum Breakout Force 204KN
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 8260×3050×3470mm
Maximum Grade Ability 30℃
Maximum Dump Height 3448mm
Maximum Dump Reach 1249mm
Minimum Turning Radius 7020mm
Engine Model Weichai Steyr DHD10G0245
Type Inline water cooling dry cylinder injection
No. Of Cylinder-Bore/Stroke 6-126×130mm
Rated Power 175kw--2200r/min
Maximum Torque 950N.m
Min Fuel-Consume Ratio ≤220G/Kw.H
Transmission System Torque Converter YJ375
Gearbox Mode Power Shift Normally Engaged Straight Gear
Gear Shift 44 Forward Shift,44 Reverse Shift
Maximum Speed 38Km/H
Drive Axles Main Reducing Spiral Bevel Gear Grade 1Reduction
Decelerating Mode Planetary Reduction,Grade 1
Wheel Base (mm) 3200mm
Wheel Tread 2250mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 450mm
 Hydraulic System System Working Pressure 17MPa
Boom Lifting Time 6.05+0.25s
Total Time 10.8+0.5s
Fuel Tank Capacity 300L
Function Of Leveling Automatically Yes
Brake System Service Brake Air Over Hydraulic Disc Brake On 4 Wheels
Parking Brake Manual Parking Brake
Tyre Type Specification 23.5-25
Front Tyre Pressure 0.4Mpa
Rear Tyre Pressure 0.35Mpa

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The wheel loader plays a pivotal role in highway construction, excelling in tasks such as filling and excavation in subgrade engineering, aggregating and loading materials in asphalt and cement concrete yards. It can also perform light scraping of rocks and hard soil. Primarily, the wheel loader handles various soils, sand and gravel, ash, and other bulk materials used in road construction, efficiently executing tasks like scooping, loading, transporting, and unloading. Its key advantages include high operational speed, efficiency, and ease of operation.
Moreover, by swapping out its attachments, the wheel loader can be transformed into a grab loader, crane, grab excavator, or forklift, further expanding its versatility and utility.

Wheel Loader for Sale | Payloader
Wheel Loader for Sale | Payloader

Q: Are you a manufacturer? 
A: DIG-DOG mainly focusing on small earth moving machines and amphibious excavators. We started our factory in 2006, but our industry experience dates back to the 1980s.
 Q: Why choose DIG-DOG over any other company? 
 A: We manufacture our products locally. Our customer service is exceptional and personalized for every customer. Every DIG-DOG product is armed and durable with a 12-month warranty. We use high quality materials & parts sourced from the very best in China. Our design team works closely with customers for any customized orders. 
 Q: Which payment terms do you accept? 
 A: We can work on T/T bank transfer and 100% irrevocable L/C, we also accept trade assurance orders paid by Alibaba using Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union or Escrow, which is now safe and fast for both. Please contact our customer representatives directly for a specific term. 
 Q: What logistics way for product delivery? 
 A: 1). 90% in shipment by sea, to all main continents such as South America, Middle East, Africa, Oceania and Europe, etc.
 2). For neighborhood countries of China, including Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan etc., we can ship by road or railway. 
3). For light parts in urgent need, we can deliver in international courier service, including DHL, TNT, UPS or FedEx. 
 Q: What are your warranty terms? 
 A: We provide a 12-month or 2000 working hours structural warranty on all our products, except failure caused by improper installation, operation or maintenance, accident, damage, misuse or non Bonovo modification and normal wear.
 Q: What is your lead time? 
 A: We aim to provide customers with a fast lead time. We understand emergencies happen and priority production should be preferred in a faster turnaround. A stock order lead time is 3-5 working days, while custom orders within 1-3 weeks. Contact our sales so you can have an accurate lead time based on actual situations.

Wheel Loader for Sale | PayloaderWheel Loader for Sale | Payloader


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