DIG-DOG DWL30 Mini Wheel Loader 3 Ton

Item No.: DWL30
    Operating Weight 3 ton
    Rated Bucket Capacity 1.8 m³
    Rated Power 92 Kw
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DIG-DOG DWL30 Mini Wheel Loader 3 Ton

Compact Articulated Wheel Loader | Small Payloader For Sale
Compact Articulated Wheel Loader - The Small Payloader for Sale! Powerful, agile, and efficient. Your ideal construction tool for tight spaces. Don't miss out, buy now for top performance!

DWL30 Overview

The DIG-DOG DWL30 mini wheel loader, a compact articulated wheel loader for sale, boasts a high-torque engine that seamlessly integrates with an intelligent hydrostatic transmission, ensuring exceptional fuel efficiency. Enhanced with durable tires and an advanced hydraulic steering system, it offers unparalleled maneuverability. Reinforced with robust steel wires or chains, its tires guarantee stability even in the most challenging environments. 
Versatile and compact, this small payloader is ideal for a wide range of applications, carrying light materials with ease. Its compact size and versatility make it a preferred choice for working in small or confined spaces, delivering maximum productivity. With its flexibility and ease of movement, tools can be attached and modified to perform a variety of tasks, making it a popular choice in the agricultural industry.

DWL30 Features & Benefits

The DWL30 small front-end wheel loader is built tough with high-strength Q355 steel and smart design for durability.
It features robotic welding for stable quality and a long lifespan.
The frame, made by laser cutting robots, ensures precision and stability.
With HH pipe joints for tight sealing and DIG-DOG hydraulic components for reliability, it's built to perform.
An electrophoretic paint finish resists rust, while the new lightweight handbrake improves safety.
Maintenance is easier with a well-designed back cover.
You can choose from 3-5 years lifespan tires.
Plus, the spacious cab with a sunroof and protective net makes for a comfortable ride.

DWL30 Details Show

Compact Articulated Wheel Loader | Small Payloader For Sale
Compact Articulated Wheel Loader | Small Payloader For Sale

Packaging & Shipping

Compact Articulated Wheel Loader | Small Payloader For Sale
Compact Articulated Wheel Loader | Small Payloader For Sale

DIG-DOG DWL30 Mini Wheel Loader

Performance Rated Loading 3000Kg
Overall Weight 10200Kg
Rated Bucket Capacity 1.8M3
Maximum Tractive Force 97KN
Maximum Breakout Force 127KN
Maximum Grade Ability 30
Maximum Dump Height 3100mm
Maximum Dump Reach 1006mm
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 6890×2400×3070mm 3.4M
7820*2560*3280mm 3.6M
Minimum Turning Radius 5250mm
Engine Model WEICHAI  WP6G125E22
Type Lnline Water Cooled, Four Stroke
No. Of Cylinder-Bore/Stroke 6-108×125mm
Rated Power 92Kw
Maximum Torque 515N.M
Min Fuel-Consume Ratio ≤210G/Kw.H
Transmission System Torque Converter YJ315-X
Gearbox Mode Power Shift Normally Engaged Straight Gear
Gear Shift 4Forward Shift  2 Reverse Shift
Maximum Speed 40Km/H
Drive Axles Main Reducing Mode Bevel Gear Grade Lreduction
Decelerating Mode Bevel Gear Grade Lreduction
Wheel Base (mm) 2850mm
Wheel Tread 1800mm
Ground Clearance 400mm
Hydraulic System System Working Pressure 16.5MPa
Boom Lifting Time 4.83S
Total Time 9.15S±0.5S
Fuel Tank Capacity 156L
Function Of Leveling Automatically Yes
Brake System Service Brake Air Assist Disc Brake On 4 Wheels
Parking Brake Manual Disk Brake
Tyre Type Specification 17.5-25
Front Tyre Pressure 0.4Mpa
Rear Tyre Pressure 0.35Mpa
The DIG-DOG DWL30 mini wheel loader, a compact articulated wheel loader designed for versatility, can be accessorized to meet a diverse range of job requirements. With its array of attachments, it tackles a wide variety of tasks, making it an indispensable tool in multiple industries.
Compact Articulated Wheel Loader | Small Payloader For Sale
As a small payloader for sale, the DWL30 excels in its adaptability. Thanks to its robust attachment system, users can swiftly and effortlessly swap out attachments to cater to their specific needs. Whether it's loading and unloading materials, clearing snow, sweeping debris, or mixing concrete, the DWL30 handles it all with ease and precision.
The DIG-DOG DWL30 mini wheel loader boasts a range of attachments, each tailored for specific tasks. The bucket with fork top, a common choice, efficiently loads and unloads bulk materials like sand or soil, while also assisting in digging. For pallet handling, the loader can be equipped with pallet forks, perfect for freight and logistics.
Compact Articulated Wheel Loader | Small Payloader For Sale
Moreover, snow plows and shovels make quick work of snow removal on roads or driveways. The sweeper attachment keeps surfaces clean, removing debris effortlessly. Round clamping conical pitchfork handles round objects, and the concrete mixer bucket mixes materials, enhancing the loader's versatility for construction tasks. With these attachments, the DWL30 excels in various applications.
Other attachments for the DIG-DOG ZDWL30 mini wheel loader include the pitchfork for loose materials, the grain hopper for transporting granular materials, the soft clamp for delicate objects, and the 360° rotating grab for maximum versatility. With its adaptability to various attachments, the DWL30 is a highly versatile machine suitable for construction, landscaping, freight handling, and snow removal tasks.
1. Are You Original Manufacture?  
Yes, DIG-DOG is a Manufacturer In Construction Machinery In China And We Have The Wholeseries Products You Need. 
2.Which Incoterms Terms Can We Work? 
Normally We Work On FOB, CFR, CIF. 
3.Which Payment Terms Do You Accept? 
 Normally We Can Work On T/T Term Or L/C Term. 
4.What About The Warranty Time? 
12 Months After Shipment Or 2000 Working Hours. 
5.What About The Delivery Time? 
 7-30 Days After Receiving The Deposit. 
6.What About The Minimum Order Quantity Of ZL30 loader?  
The MOQ is 1 Pcs. 
7.How Do I Choose The Right Wheel Loader ? 
-Consider What Size Mini Excavator Will Get The Job Done Efficiently. 
-Think About Your Job Surface. 
-Assess The load. 
-Look At The Controls. 
-Assess Other Functional Features. 
-Think About Attachments For Your Mini Wheel Loader Machine.Compact Articulated Wheel Loader | Small Payloader For Sale

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