DIG-DOG DWL20 Wheel loader 2 Ton

Item No.: DWL20
    Bucket Capacity: 0.8m³
    Rated Load: 2 ton
    Power: 75 kw/102 hp
    Upgradeable Configuration
    Custom Attachments
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DWL20 Overview

Discover the robust Chinese DIG-DOG DWL20 compact loader for sale! With a 2-ton rated load capacity and optional 2-2.4 meter buckets, it boasts impressive speed, acceleration, traction, and lifting force. Its reliable four-wheel drive and sturdy structure ensure enhanced safety and performance.
Compact Loader | Front End Loader For Sale

DWL20 Features & Benefits

1. Fast acceleration, good acceleration performance and high operation efficiency;
2. Drive axle has strong bearing capacity, improving safety performance;
3. Robot welding, beautiful weld formation, stable arc;
4. Large space cab, clear and open vision, good sealing and sound insulation effect.
5. CAE analysis shall be conducted for all structural members; Great digging force; More adaptable to severe working conditions.

DWL20 Details Images

Compact Loader | Front End Loader For Sale
16/70-20 Tires
The tooth groove design is anti-slip and durable; Widen and thicken tire walls; High quality rubber, strong grip;
Suitable for various complex construction sites.
Hydraulic device
Using fully hydraulic components;
High quality hydraulic cylinder;
Thickened hydraulic oil pipe;
Pilot hydraulic operating system;
Flexible movement and smooth operation.
Compact Loader | Front End Loader For Sale
Luxurious Cab
Ergonomic design, safe and comfortable 360-degree full view driving; Adjustable seat;
Panoramic sunroof equipped with protective net;
Easy to operate and more efficient.
Median Hinge
The movement trajectory of the front and rear tires is consistent, reducing the steering resistance and increasing the service life of the tires.
Compact Loader | Front End Loader For Sale

Company Profile

Compact Loader | Front End Loader For Sale
Compact Loader | Front End Loader For Sale

DIG-DOG DWL20 Wheel loader 2 Ton

Rated bucket capacity m3 0.8
Bucket width mm 2000
Rated load kg 2000
Total weight kg 5300
Engine type / Huafeng 4102 supercharged
Power of engine kw 75
Dumping height mm 3500
Dumping reach mm 1000
Minimum ground clearance mm 300
Minimum turning mm 4650
Unloading angle ° 30
Tyre / 16/70-20
Axle / Middle rim bridge
Distance between axles mm 2420
Distance between wheels mm 1560
Transmission assembly / 265 split torque converter
Dimension mm 6160 * 1950 * 2850
Climbing angles ° 25
DWL20 Optional Litems
Air conditioning/heater;
Antifreeze/coolant, extended life;
Cab: Open, Enclosed;
Hydraulic quick change, skid steer loader compatible;
Engine: 90 - 110 kw;
Engine air precleaner;
Discharging height: 3.8-5 m;
Radio Ready or AM/FM radio;
Tires:size, solid tire, semi-solid tire, spare tire;
Working lights, front and rear;
Rear camera;

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Discover the versatility of our DIG-DOG DWL20 compact loader, adaptable to diverse tasks with its array of attachments. From handling snow with precision using the snow plow attachment to efficiently moving materials with the bucket and fork cover, this front-end loader for sale offers unmatched functionality. Whether you need to clear debris with the sweeper attachment or tackle heavy-duty lifting with the 360° rotating grippers, our compact loader is designed to excel. Explore the options available for sale and elevate your productivity today!
Compact Loader | Front End Loader For Sale
Compact Loader | Front End Loader For Sale
1. Are You Original Manufacture?
Yes, DIG-DOG is a Manufacturer of Construction Machinery in China, offering a wide range of products, including compact loaders and front end loaders for sale.
2. Which Incoterms Terms Can We Work?
We typically work on FOB, CFR, and CIF terms.
3. Which Payment Terms Do You Accept?
We accept payment terms of T/T or L/C.
4. What About The Warranty Time?
Our warranty period is 12 months after shipment or 2000 working hours.
5. What About The Delivery Time?
Delivery typically takes 7-30 days after receiving the deposit.
6. What About The Minimum Order Quantity?
The MOQ is 1 piece.
7. What To Consider When Buying A Compact Wheel Loader?
- Consider its size.
- Choose the right bucket for the front end loader.
- Explore other attachments available.
- Ensure serviceability.
- Understand different arm configurations.
- Consider comfort for the operator.

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