What attachments should I choose for my skid steer loader?

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Due to the rising cost of labor, various industries to replace manual labor to complete production operations has become a general trend, compared with the traditional large construction equipment, skid steer loaders smaller, more flexible, a variety of attachments to adapt to various working conditions, and gradually become the new choice of equipment operators.


However, in the face of nearly 100 kinds of attachments, the first time to use the skid steer loader users confused, how to correctly select the attachments become a considerable problem. Today, DIG-DOG will take you to understand the first purchase of skid steer loader must choose the three attachments.


Skid steer loaders can be widely used in construction, landscaping, roads, snow removal, pastures and many other fields. In many applications, how do you choose the right attachments for you? First of all, you have to be very clear what your main business is after buying a skid steer loader, and only after determining this, you can better choose the attachments.


Construction industry


Breaking hammer


Crushing and demolition is one of the most common jobs in the construction industry. digdog skid steer loaders equipped with crushing hammers have a crushing capacity equivalent to an excavator, and when it comes to some special working conditions, the skid steer loader's own small size and ability to steer in place are very prominent features. It can quickly and efficiently complete the construction task and get better construction results.




In the construction field, the bucket is the most commonly used for construction waste removal, which is also the basic configuration for operating skid steer loaders. DIGDOG's buckets can be used in a variety of harsh environments. The entire bottom and back of the bucket are reinforced, so you can rest easy with the strongest and most reliable bucket.




Material handling is also very common in construction. DIGDOG skid steer loaders with forks can easily move large pieces of packed or bundled construction materials, such as packed floor tiles, cement placed on pallets, cables, etc.




Tree Removal Machine


If you have a large number of forest tree removal business, it is recommended that you must purchase a tree removal machine apparatus. With a tree transplanter, the operator can dig, transport or plant a tree without leaving the loader. With the hydraulically controlled front shovel open, the operator can approach the tree from almost any angle and the tree transplanter can cut through the roots and quickly squeeze the root pack, completing the transplanting and packing of a tree in a matter of minutes.


It is designed for efficient and economical operation. It can be used not only for digging up trees, but also for loading them onto a truck or trailer in a matter of minutes. Just one person can complete the task.




The DIGDOG Auger is suitable for a variety of environments such as landscaping, greening, hole-digging, and for installing mailboxes, bridge piers, utility poles, etc.

DIGDOG Auger high torque, high strength characteristics to ensure the efficiency of drilling, the entire body can be drilled into the hole with the drill bit, you can quickly and efficiently complete the drilling operation.


Simple trencher


The DIGDOG Auger is called "simple", but it is not simple at all. It can dig forward to become an excellent tool for transplanting small trees, clearing rocks and roots, and carrying saplings, and dig backward to complete the difficult task of trenching and loosening hard soil quickly and efficiently, which is a good helper for landscaping.


Road Maintenance


Milling machine


The DIGDOG planer can be used on asphalt and concrete pavements and is available in a variety of hub sizes (when selecting a planer, please check the matching DIGDOG skid steer model). The standard cutter head planer is suitable for rental and utility applications, while the fine cutter head planer is dedicated to removing road markings, zebra lines and grinding concrete pavements, thus preventing skidding.


Enclosed sweeper


DIGDOG enclosed sweeper works together with Bobcat planer, which can timely sweep the loose asphalt particles embedded or attached to the milling layer after milling, and "dig" them out from the surface layer. Not only saves manpower and time, but also minimizes the impact of maintenance work on the normal passage of vehicles!


The DIGDOG enclosed sweeper is hydraulically driven and can sweep in both directions, and the replaceable wear plates can effectively remove adhering soil.


In addition to road maintenance applications, DIGDOG closed sweepers also have functions such as loading and dumping garbage, and can be used in construction and municipal projects, making them a very popular attachment.


Today, we have introduced the selection of implements for three fields: construction, landscape and road, and hope it will help your career.

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