Top 5 Underutilized Mini Excavator Jobs Your Machine Can Handle

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Update time : 2022-03-21 08:57:00

Our clients usually rent mini excavators because of their digging capabilities, so they are sometimes pleasantly surprised when we ask them if they need a broken hammer or twist bucket. With the right attachment, micro excavators can be used for a variety of tasks around the work site. Here are five small excavator jobs that your machine can do:

1 - Remove with a small excavator

Small diggers are ideal for extensive demolition work. Accessories like buckets, grappling hooks, and clamps (thumbs) allow you to dismantle the most stubborn structures. Concrete crushing hammers are perfect for removing pools, stone paths, roads, driveways, retaining walls, and foundations. Watch the video below to see takeuchi's mini digger demolish an old barn.


2 - Use small diggers to clear vegetation and debris

Small excavators are effective tools for clearing debris and vegetation. Start clearing dead trees, roots, small stones, branches, shrubs, debris, loose bushes, using a hydraulic thumb, medium tooth bucket or grab. The excavator's tracks distribute weight evenly, allowing you to slide over the delicate landscape without sinking.


3 - Grading/compaction

Grading and compaction may take several hours and require a variety of specialist equipment such as walking compactor and skid loader. However, with the proper accessories, you can do the job with your mini digger.

First, loosen the hard ground using the ripper attachment. Then, use your grading or trench bucket to grade your work area and tamp it down. Your grading bucket will also allow your excavator to be used for backfilling and leveling. If you need to choose the right bucket for your application, please read this excavator bucket guide.

4 - Set up posts and plant trees

Another useful accessory for an excavator is the auger. With this nifty tool, you can set up posts and plant trees in minutes. The rotary action of the auger can be modified to drill perfect holes for planting trees or set special rods for setting deep under ground columns.


5 - Be innovative

Your digger can tailor a trail for hiking or off-road use. You will need a rake attachment, ditching and grading buckets to use some of the previously mentioned functions such as clearing vegetation and debris or grading and compaction. Then, use a backhoe bucket to remove the stumps, uproot the roots, and place obstruction or trace marks with your thumb and auger.

For information or suggestions on these excavator applications, please visit our website if you need to purchase additional accessories for your excavator.

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