Tips for choosing the best micro excavators for your land conservation work

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Landscaping projects can include tasks ranging from removing stumps to digging ditches. There is a wide selection of heavy equipment that can support landscaping efforts, including highly versatile micro-excavators for land care. Adding the right equipment to your fleet can increase your productivity and reduce your working hours.

Learn how to choose the right mini excavator landscape with our tips.

Choose the best mini excavator maintenance land 5 tips

The right excavator can make your job easier. Mini Excavators offer powerful features in a compact form factor, especially when you customize your purchase for your work. The following are five factors to consider when choosing a small excavator.

1. Ask questions

Knowing the difference between excavators will help you choose a model, but you should also have a broad understanding of where you work and what you do. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

What will I do?

What accessories does this job require?

What are my weight and size limits?

Once you have a solid foundation of what you need, you can categorize excavators and start comparing them.

2. Determine the size and layout of the workplace

Before choosing an excavator, consider how much space there will be at the working site. The larger size may have more functionality, but the smallest option is ideal when you don't have much room. For example, if you're working between buildings, you should measure the space you have to let the excavator in and out.

If you're working in an area where appearance is important, such as a lawn or public area, you'll need a lightweight option - heavier excavators may leave tire tracks or cause other visual disturbances.A lightweight mini excavator can help you enhance the entire area without leaving traces.

3. Explore comfort and maintenance features

Regardless of the type of work, operators do their best work when they feel comfortable and focused. The machine's cab and control functions can greatly improve the user's work efficiency, as a comfortable cab can help the operator stay awake during the working day.

It is also worth finding a digger that provides easy access to important maintenance locations such as engines, oil filters and hydraulic filters, as this will simplify the care of the machine.

4. Heavy transport requirements

When considering your work location, think about how you want to transport your excavator. You should choose a digger powerful enough to do the job, but you'll need the right transport -- larger machines are harder to move. If you work far apart, smaller machines are more economical from that point of view.

5. Demo excavator

If possible, test the excavator in a real world scenario. You may find that you have a brand preference or need a specific attachment to your regular item. When you have the opportunity to test an excavator, be sure to do a thorough inspection to understand how the machine works at your job site.

Contact Dig-Dog to learn more

Dig-dog has a range of diggers to help with your landscaping project. Find the best mini digger from dig-Dog for the landscaping project and start your next job. For more information, contact us online, talk to the experts and find out that our micro excavators are right for your operation.

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