The summer continues to be hot, need to pay attention to loader water tank maintenance

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Author : Jessie
Update time : 2022-06-29 09:14:11

Summer is here, your loader equipment water tank in accordance with the maintenance requirements for maintenance? Doing so can better protect the water tank, as well as prevent the water tank high temperature affect the normal work of the equipment.



1, the water tank outside the heat sink, with a little pressure water rinse on it, the water pressure can not be too large, or it will wash the heat sink deformation, but the front and back of the radiator radiator radiator around to clean.


2, the loader first start about 5 minutes, the water temperature in 30 degrees off put the water tank water put off; put after the water switch off, and then filled with water; then start a few minutes, and then put the water; so cycle. Until the water released is clear, you can. After cleaning the water tank remember not to add water, need to add antifreeze.


3, the loader in the normal use of the process, do not open the water tank cover after parking, due to the water tank in the steam spray caused by personnel scalded.


4, the water tank must be added to the antifreeze, if the water tank after adding water is easy to produce scale caused by blocking the water pipe tank pipes caused by poor water return, resulting in high temperatures.

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