The Scissor Lift: Everything You Need To Know

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The scissors lift

If scissor levator is already on your watch list, but you want to learn more first, we're here to help you. Everything you need to know about scissor lifts, including the popular jobs for which they are suitable and how safe to use them. After reading this article, you will have all the knowledge you need to make the right decision.

What Is A Scissor Lift?

Scissor lift is a popular aerial platform lift used for indoor work such as ceiling construction, sign hanging and other maintenance works. Scissor lifts have lower platform heights than boom lifts and usually only reach heights of 20 to 50 feet.

Two construction workers on a scissor lift.

All About The Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are popular in manufacturing and industrial projects because of the large platforms that can accommodate people and materials. They provide a safe and secure environment for workers to complete projects involving height.

Scissor lifts can move vertically with crossed supports. This compressed and expanded X-shaped figure is also known as a pantograph.

What really makes a scissor lift a valuable tool is that it can stretch up and then fold down small enough for easy storage, a valuable thing that makes it a real rival to traditional ladders.

Scissor lifts can be powered by electric. Electric engines are better for indoor use because they don't need the horizontal ventilation of gas engines, and indoor work is usually less stressful, meaning batteries will also last longer.

Regardless of the project or height, scissor lifts are a great tool to allow workers to work safely at great heights.

Two scissor lifts with a construction worker on them

Common uses of scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are more suitable for certain jobs on boom lifts or any other type of aerial platform. A lightweight and easy to move device, the scissor elevator is ideal for indoor projects, especially if the project only needs to move up and down.

Scissor lifts can work outdoors on rugged or slopes. This rough terrain scissor lift is designed to work over rough or uneven ground, safely lifting workers and materials in a way that ladders can never do.

Popular Jobs For Scissor Lifts

Interior repairs with high ceilings.

Industrial engineering of schools, hospitals, libraries, etc

Warehouse organization, management and general maintenance are required during access to high shelf safety.

Maintain identifiers where larger platforms are required for security work.

Working on slopes or rough terrain.

In closed outdoor work, need to lift up and down.

Finish wall murals with scissor lifts.

Choose the right scissor lift for the job

Project requirements will determine the type and height of shear lifts that will work best. Electric motors are more suitable for indoor projects, whilbattery energy scissor lifts will be able to give the machine the power it needs to maneuver around the site.

DIG-DOG offers scissor lift rental platform heights from 20 to 53 feet. Knowing the height of the elevator also determines what kind of elevator is needed for the project.

Scissor lifts can also be used as "rough terrain" lifts on slopes and uneven soil. Knowledge of the nature of the workplace or when using lifts will help in selecting "which scissor lift is best".

Be sure to ask all these questions and plan appropriately to ensure you get the best equipment for your job!

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