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The AmphiMaster is specifically designed to maneuver in marshy and swampy areas, soft terrains, and is also able to float on water.


Some countries have a very long coastline and is blessed with a large number of rivers and lakes. Development of these areas needs earthmovers. Excavators work on land, dredgers can work in water but there is the dearth of a machine suitable for use in marshland, poor soil, and slush and water. Hence the need for a solution to have a machine which will work on land, marsh and water as well became imperative. The concept was to have a machine which will be self-propelled in water and on land and in marshy conditions, use an existing standard hydraulic excavator or a new one to reduce capital cost, be easily serviceable and have a long reach to be really effective.


Simply put, it will work where no other excavator or dredger will go. This opens up a huge area of application. It is possible to achieve what earlier was not possible, bringing immense advantage, competitiveness and cost reduction. The segments where this product is ideally suited: reservoir capacity augmentation (increasing the water retention capacity by desilting and fresh excavation); inland dredging of lakes, canals and waterways; flood control (deepen water way to reduce impact of flooding); and deepening of the river delta.


We have incorporated many safety features on the unit; individual isolated chambers which enhance structural stability even if a flotation cell is partially damaged. Buoyancy is calculated to lend full flotation as a safety feature; the structure is balanced to minimise tipping possibility. A specially designed long reach to provide least tipping. The machine is welded using robotic welding for weld integrity.


DIG-DOG will bring you the safest amphibious excavators on the market

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