The New DG18 Mini Excavator Provides The Ideal Combination Of Performance And Functionality

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Update time : 2022-02-22 09:25:54

Small and confined workplaces, such as residential areas and inside buildings, require machines to provide high performance and a small work footprint. The all-new DIG-Dog DG18 mini excavator combines a compact body and high output engine to achieve high power and efficient operation, superior stability, superior weight distribution and a well-designed comfortable cab.

Dig-dog DG18 offers superior performance due to its larger engine, new hydraulic system and newly designed working equipment. Lifting capacity was also increased by 24%(-0.5 m above ground based on 2.5m range), while movement speed, digging range and digging depth were also significantly improved.


DG18 has a number of important features for workplaces that require containment operations against walls, ditches and roads. The compact tail position provides operating efficiency in limited space, while the boom swing Angle is 12% wider than before.

The durability and reliability of the structure are ensured by strengthening the key mechanical components of DG18. Booms, booms and swing supports all have large sections to increase connection strength, and spring steel cylinder rod protection is standard for buckets and boom cylinders. Bulldozer cylinder rod protection device also protects bulldozer cylinder from damage.

As with all Kobelco machines, the safety of the operator and other workers on site is Paramount. Rear view mirrors (left and right) and optional sunshades also improve visibility at the work site. All models are available with long and short arms.

Operator health was also on the agenda when developing the new DG18, so the machine has many features that make longer periods of operation more comfortable. Additional (optional) counterweights provide additional stability. Easy access to nacelles, oil filters, air filters and fuel filters keep downtime for routine maintenance.

Commenting on the launch of the all-new excavator DG18, the product manager said: "Mini excavators are crucial to our overall product line-up and the launch of the DG18 demonstrates how we are developing our mini excavator technology and machine concepts. "To improve production efficiency, the new DG18 offers greater arm force and shorter overall cycle times, first-class hydraulically assisted production lines, versatility and increased stability."

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