Skid steer loader becomes mini excavator, just because of it!

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Skid steer loader becomes mini excavator, just because of it!


Micro-digging emerges in one fell swoop.


DIGDOG skid-steer loader is installed with backhoe excavation arm, transforming into a powerful, efficient and multi-purpose "excavator", which can be applied to a variety of operating environments such as engineering construction, road construction, sewage disposal, pipeline wiring and garden maintenance. A variety of models are available to help you solve the problems of various working conditions.



Superior safety upgrade.


After being transformed into an "excavator", the operator can either control it from inside the skidding cab or from a high position outside the cab.

In case of special working conditions, sitting in a higher place to control the "excavator", the field of view is greatly expanded, reducing or even eliminating the blind spot of vision, the operating efficiency and operational safety are greatly improved!




Quick and convenient boom rotation


With the DIGDOG quick-change system, the backhoe arm can be quickly installed on the skid steer loader within minutes. In addition, the backhoe arm with seat can rotate left and right, and the backhoe arm can tilt left and right, so that the transformed skid steer loader does not need to move left and right, but only needs to manipulate the backhoe arm to be able to operate. Quick and easy!


DIGDOG Skid Steer Loader + Backhoe Arm


With one machine, you can have both a shovel and a micro excavator, and effectively deal with many different working conditions to win in the fierce competition in the market!

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