Market Advantages of DIGDOG Stand-Up Mini Track Loaders

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The stand-up mini track loader market is anticipated to grow exponentially over the course of the next 10 years as there is greater demand for landscaping, tree removal and other jobs that require traveling over existing lawns and turf without causing damage. 


We are fully committed to this market, and are excited to work with our dealer network to share these new, premium with end users and business owners who thrive with compact equipment.

 Market Advantages of DIGDOG Stand-Up Mini Track Loaders


The small skid steer loader is a multi-functional construction engineering equipment. Its body is small and easy to control. It can be easily and quickly attached to a variety of different functions to achieve various tasks. It is widely used in gardens, manufacturing, and construction. Sites, recycling, gardens, roads, construction, farms and other industrial fields.


1. DIGDOG stand-up mini track loader is easy to operate

Double handles complete walking, lifting and dumping actions;

Piston pump motor, stable;

Four-wheel drive, adapt to various environments;

Various forms of pedals make the operation safer and more convenient;

Servo and standard two modes of operation.


2. Small skid steer loader is easy to maintain

The oil side oil port is outside the vehicle body, which is convenient for replacing air filter, engine oil, machine filter and spark plug;

The rear guard is easy to take off and the upper cover can be opened.


3. The small skid steer loader can be equipped with a variety of attachments, and the attachments of each model are interchangeable. There are currently more than 40 types, and the unified hanger is quick-change and quick-connect.


4. The engine of an internationally famous brand is stable and reliable, and the quality is guaranteed.


5. The small skid steer loader has a variety of tires and track modes for selection, with stronger adaptability.


6. The body of DIGDOG stand-up mini track loaders is narrower, only 800mm wide. It can pass through narrow terrain, and has a large fuel tank and lifting power.


7. The small skid steer loader can greatly simplify manual labor and improve efficiency.


8. Compared with similar products, it has a higher lifting height.

 Market Advantages of DIGDOG Stand-Up Mini Track Loaders

This Utility Track Loaders Is Small, Versatile, Powerful and Fast


Safety was a big focus for this unit — just look at that large, spring-suspended operator’s platform with an operator presence pedal. The system prevents accidental movement of the lift arm and travel functions when the operator steps off the platform. Because the pedal is directly connected to the park brake system, as soon as the operator steps off the pedal, the brake engages. The pedal is also tied to the auto idle, which will engage within five seconds of stepping off the pedal, saving fuel and reducing job site noise.


The step-up-and-go concept makes operating DIGDOG Stand-Up Mini Track Loader easy and comfortable. The simplicity of the ergonomic design includes the fine-tuned and responsive forward angled joysticks that keep the operator’s hands in a neutral position to reduce fatigue.


Maintenance and performance are two other highlights. A critical design element for DIGDOG Stand-Up Mini Track Loader is the undercarriage. Versatility is the real driver of this machine. The overall narrow width allows the machine to access urban areas and smaller yards while its light weight makes it easy to transport. 


Above is market advantages of DIGDOG Stand-Up Mini Track Loaders,If you want more details about the small skid steer loader , please contact us .

Market Advantages of DIGDOG Stand-Up Mini Track Loaders 

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