How to properly maintain the amphibious excavator?

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Amphibious excavators play a very important role in life. The modification of amphibious excavators is mainly used for engineering construction. Such as: highways, bridges, buildings, breeding ponds, under ground engineering, emergency excavation and so on. Improper use or careless maintenance will greatly shorten the service life of the amphibious excavator. So as long as we maintain it in normal times, most of the failure rates will be reduced.



1. Fuel

The fuel used must not be too inferior, otherwise it will seriously cause engine wear, reduce engine power, and reduce combustion rate. Therefore, we need to maintain the equipment regularly to prolong the service life.


2. Grease

Maintain the grease. The use of grease reduces wear on moving surfaces and prevents noise. When the grease is stored, it should not be mixed with dust, sand, water and other impurities. The use of grease has good anti-wear performance.

When filling, try to squeeze out all the old oil and wipe it clean to prevent sand from sticking. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the equipment regularly.

The added lubricating grease should be of a good brand as far as possible, and the quality is guaranteed.



In the rainy season, the amphibious excavator and how to maintain it?


1. Provide timely and clean information

When we encounter heavy rain, we must clean the amphibious excavator in time to avoid corrosion and dirt.


2. Timely paint repair

The acidity of rainwater treatment in the rainy season is very strong, which will cause serious corrosion to the surface paint company of the amphibious excavator. Depending on the time and the number of years, the paint of the amphibious excavator may even fall off. If it is not repaired for a long time, it will Directly lead to the damage of many amphibious excavators. Therefore, timely repair paint surface is necessary. The general situation is waxing. If they have some peeling paint, we can choose to touch up the paint freely, and then apply oil after drying to prevent the paint from aging.


3. Care of the chassis of the amphibious excavator

The chassis is a very important place, and it is also a place that has more contact with ground services. Generally speaking, this part of the place is more prone to rust and pollution, and the wheel housing is also easy to loosen. We must check and tighten the chassis in a timely and effective manner to prevent it from falling off and rusting.


4. Ignition control start

During the rainy season, when you encounter the problem that the engine cannot be started, it may be due to the leakage of electricity in the fire system. We should clean the switchboard and external wires with household paper, and then spray it with desiccant, and wait until the engine is normal. use, it is guaranteed.


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