How to choose the suitable amphibious excavator for you?

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Many people are curious about amphibious excavators. How do tens of tons of excavators work floating on the water? When it comes to actual contact, it is not as complicated as you think. So, if you want an amphibious excavator, how to choose?


First depends on where do you work? Usually work at the seaside or in Salt Lake City to use the enhanced version.


The normal type that works in freshwater areas is also fine, but the fortified type is recommended. Reinforced ship plate thickness of 2mm and pad thickness of 4mm makes the overall strength much greater


Advantages and disadvantages of various structures:


Utilize the floating undercarriage to run in super-joint operation where crawler and wheeled hydraulic excavators are difficult to access. High buoyancy walking machine using durable roller chains and steel hollow corner track pads. Rotary ballast and single-shaft vertical stirrer are installed on the accessories, which can be used as foundation and geological improvement device.


Since it is not a boat, there is no water navigation device. There are no closed lines or reinforcements under the trapezoidal boards, cut directly to square pipes made elsewhere in the country.


In addition, the use of bullpen selection guide wheels increases the chassis width. The shaft and guide wheel also have relatively fixed patterns. This makes turning more difficult. The independent bearing seat of the guide wheel fixed on the hull is very convenient to rotate like this~!


However, with this added expense, the guide wheels will be cast in the form of bearing housings. The guide wheel is equipped with a scratch plate, which can scrape the mud when working in a muddy place and reduce the load of walking.


If you want to know more product information about amphibious excavators, please contact us at DIG-DOG.

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