How to choose the best quality and guaranteed amphibious excavator supplier in China

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Here is a excavator Chinese supplier talking about the use of amphibious excavators.

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Amphibious excavator is used for land, swamp soft land and shallow water operation of multi-purpose excavator. Mainly used in coastal areas and lakes where there is more sediment. Land and water excavators are rare in China and employ fewer people. Mainly, some companies have modified the dryland excavators. Because the water and land excavator driver is less, the salary is higher than the dry excavator driver.

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The landing device of amphibious excavator adopts twin-body floating boat structure track frame and sealed box track shoes to ensure safe navigation on water. Due to the height restriction of the amphibious excavator barging, construction can be carried out at a depth of not more than 2m. If the water gets too deep, the amphibious excavator floats and the bucket stops working.

The difference between land and water excavators and dry excavators:

Generally speaking, amphibious excavators rely on their unique walking devices to operate in coastal areas, lakes, sloughs and other places, and can float on the water. The main areas of work include digging underwater channels, cleaning them and dredging fish ponds. Water digging is the same as dry digging except for large chains and hollow iron shells. However, on land, land and water excavators are difficult to walk, and most of them rely on bucket assistance.

The amphibious excavator adopts reinforced ultra-long working device, special structure pin joint, and rotary mechanism to improve the working quality and productivity. Beautiful appearance, spacious cab, fully equipped, sound and light alarm system is simple, reduce the fatigue for a long time, improve the handling comfort. The perfect combination of advanced hydraulic system and engine realizes compound action, ensuring reliable operation and high economy.

Choose amphibious excavator:

If it is in the seaside or salt lake operation, the water and land excavator must choose reinforced type. It is possible to work in shallow water. The reinforced steel plate is 4mm thicker than the 2mm lining plate and has much greater overall strength. Enhanced multipurpose Lincoln Panasonic welding wire, ordinary type due to the price cost factors can only use ordinary small factory production of cheap welding wire.

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