How to buy a mini excavator from China? The definitive guide for 2022

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Micro excavators are widely used in our daily life, and there are many market choices, such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, XCMG and other big brands. The small excavators produced by these brands are of good quality. But the price is relatively high. They are not the right choice for families or people who want to do wholesale and retail small excavators. Many have turned their attention to small Excavators made in China.

After years of research and development, China's small excavator technology has been very mature, the quality is very reliable, and the price is not high. This is the right choice. However, for most people, China is a distant country. We cannot go on business trips to China, nor can we conduct on-site factory inspection and business negotiation before purchasing. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, this possibility is almost impossible.

So how can you buy a small excavator in China without an on-site inspection? Should there be other factors to consider besides price?

Selection of excavator suppliers

How do you choose a suitable seller? There is no doubt that searching on the Internet is the right way. We can search through Google or Alibaba or Made in China (the two best B2B websites in China). You can find hundreds of suppliers. How to choose?

Choose a manufacturer or trader?

Factories have the advantage of lower prices, and trading companies offer more detailed services. In China, the number of real small excavator manufacturers is far less than the number of manufacturers selling them. Many trading companies have better prices, service and customer attitudes than factories. Don't worry about whether the other side is a production factory or a trading company. It depends on who has the better price and service.

How to find a reliable excavator supplier?

There are many small trading companies with only one or two people. This is a smart way to work in China. There are a lot of small companies that will disappear at any moment; Doing business with them is not guaranteed. How to avoid these problems and buy the most reliable small excavator? Here are some easy ways to tell.

Check the company's business license.

You can ask the seller for a business license so you can see when the company was founded. Sohu's work style has been popular in China in recent years. This will help you find some companies that have been in business for a long time.

Customs data

Customs data includes trade data between Chinese companies and more than 20 countries. You can search the export status of the company you are tracking to determine if it is a living company.

Are there Alibaba and Made in China stores?

Cross-border e-commerce is an important trend in the future. Alibaba and Made in China are the two largest B2B websites in China. The enterprise information of some advanced users has been officially certified by SGS/TUV/BV and other international certification companies.

Own website

This is very important. Establishing a qualified foreign trade website in China requires considerable capital. Some small companies don't have the money or resources to create such a site. They often spend very little money and make a site that is a poor experience or even unplayable. Some sellers don't even have their own websites.

Some of the best companies will have a perfect user experience. A strong company will have a site with an ideal user experience. Sometimes, there is more than one website. They have separate websites for each product, such as NICOSAIL GROUP, and create separate websites for individual products, such as excavators, rollers and concrete grinders.


Alibaba Supplier Report

The Alibaba Supplier Report provides verified data for an in-depth look at the list of approved suppliers. Of course, this is only for alibaba-listed vendors.

Video authentication

You can view the seller's factory and office scene through video call.

Help from Chinese friends

If you have a friend from China, you can ask him to check the seller's information for you, which is much easier.

The customer evaluation

Chinese sellers on Alibaba will have a place to display customer reviews. You can see what other buyers are saying.

Quality appraisal of excavators

As parts manufacturing factories supply multiple excavator factories at the same time. Similarity of parts leads to similarity of appearance. It is difficult to judge whether the excavator is good or bad from its appearance. Excavator manufacturers can inquire from the following aspects:

1. Whether the joystick is designed with a safety plate to facilitate maintenance and improve safety.

2. Whether the equipment manufacturing process is standardized, whether the equipment assembly is neat and standardized.

3. Whether to install throttle valve, grease daub more convenient, work more smoothly, improve work efficiency.

4. Install shock absorbing leather seats to reduce operator fatigue and increase comfort.

5. The dashboard

6. If you have more requirements on the machine, you can consider these accessories to make it more luxurious.



Payment is also something to watch out for, especially when first forming a partnership. In this connection, I would like to make the following suggestions:

For small orders, Chinese machinery sellers seldom accept OA, so l/C is a more appropriate payment method.

TT payment is common in China. You can choose 30% advance payment and pay the rest with the copy of bill of lading.

For those who plan to do long-term wholesale or sales business, they can try small orders first and arrange orders after they are satisfied.

If you have done business with a Chinese company or individual before, you can ask them to assess the company's status and reduce risk.

Find a familiar freight forwarder, but it will cost more.

After-sales service

If you want to buy a small Chinese brand of excavator that can be repaired and sold locally, you have few options. Foreign small excavator after-sales service point in China is almost no, so you must be prepared. The warranty period is usually one year. During this period, we will actively solve quality problems and send out accessories. In addition, you can pay attention to the following:

Try to choose accessories with high market recognition.

To do a good job in the daily maintenance of the excavator, to avoid unnecessary damage.

The maintenance of the excavator itself is more convenient. Ask the seller for a maintenance manual and learn simple maintenance techniques.

If you run your own business, find a provider who can give you full support.

Last but not least, excavators are generally transported by sea. Depending on the port of destination, large ports have lower costs, while small ports have higher transshipment costs. It usually takes 20-50 days to transport. Some sellers of "free shipping" are just getting started. There is no charge for Chinese port, and the cost of destination port will be higher. If you plan to do business in China for the long term, you also need to know.


Dig-Dog machinery mainly produces 0.8t / 1t / 1.5t / 1.7t / 2t / 2.5t small crawler excavators. If you have any questions, please leave a message on the website.

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