Countless Reasons to Invest in Mini Excavators for Landscaping Applications

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Update time : 2021-07-05 15:04:18
Nowadays, small earthmoving machines tend to be more popular and are standard in landscapers’ fleets to copy with different working sites, also with its diversified attachments options, it really makes sense, given all the digging, loading, carrying, land grading, and other applications these versatile machines and their many compatible attachments can handle. There are really lots of compelling reasons to use mini excavators for landscaping purposes.

If you operate a landscaping business or are a contractor who sometimes needs to include landscaping in larger projects, or if you’re looking to expand the services you offer into landscaping or hardscaping work, consider investing in mini excavators for landscaping applications. You’ll find that compact excavators are excellent tools for effectively and efficiently completing a wide range of work.
There are countless reasons and lets take a quick look at just some of the big benefits of using mini excavators for landscaping and hardscaping projects.

Why Use Mini Excavators for Landscaping Work?

  1. Their compact size and agility are practical for yards and other smaller job sites.
  2. They have a relatively light footprint and tracks rather than tires, so they can traverse finished grades and other terrain without causing real damage.
  3. The variety of available attachments make compact excavators quite versatile, including buckets, augurs, thumbs, blades, compactors, hammers, rakes, and more.
  4. Mini excavators are great for digging smaller holes and trenches (including with an augur attachment) for countless uses in landscaping and hardscaping (e.g., digging out roots, planting, fencing, pools and hot tubs, installing water features, installing irrigation, etc.).
  5. Use them for grading and reshaping terrain, and even for creating and contouring trails.
  6. Combined digging and leveling capabilities make them helpful for installing patios and other hardscaping elements.
  7. Use them for light demolition, like for sheds, paths, decorative or retaining walls, and other smaller elements and structures.
  8. Land clearing and loading are readily handled with buckets, thumbs, and other attachments.
  9. Quickly and easily clear away brush and thick plant growth with a mini excavator.
  10. Compact excavators are much quieter than their larger counterparts and numerous other machines, which is well suited to landscaping work in residential and commercial areas.
  11. They’re very simple to operate, so it’s easy to train your entire crew for use.
  12. Mini excavators require minimal storage space as compared to a lot of other heavy equipment.
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