Buying a suitable mini excavator just right for your needs

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Buying a suitable mini excavator  — scoping out different brands, sizes and options to find a machine that’s just right for your needs. 

  Buying a suitable mini excavator just right for your needs

Size and Power

Mini excavators are great machines for a wide variety of tasks, everything from excavating for underground utility installations to moving decorative rocks in a patio project to breaking up concrete in a demo job. Their compact size allows most of them to work in areas where larger equipment simply cannot fit.

When sizing up a new machine, it’s important to consider current and future applications. Since mini excavators are now being used for a broader range of jobs, buyers should ensure that their machines are the appropriate size and deliver enough power to operate the attachments they need to use.

If work takes you in gated backyards or through doorways, buyers should check out micro excavator units with retractable undercarriages. A retractable undercarriage allows mini excavators to shrink in width to fit through narrow spaces and then expand back out for stability. This is a great feature for indoor work like demolition.


Comfort and Safety

A comfortable operator is a productive operator, consider the size of the operator’s station. How is it appointed and designed? Does it have a flat floor area with ample leg and foot space? Is there enough space between the joysticks so they do not contact the operator’s legs, limiting their stroke? How intuitive are the controls and monitor panel? Can multiple attachment presets and flow rates be set from the cabin? Does the seat provide ample adjustments [fore/aft, weight, height]? If you know you’ll be working all year round, you may want to make the additional investment in a cab unit with heat and air conditioning.”

On top of a comfy workspace, buyers should keep an eye on safety features. It’s also crucial to understand the attachments you’ll be using, and the risks associated with them — then outfit the machine accordingly. 


Options and Attachments

One of the best parts of purchasing a mini ex is selecting options and attachments to create the perfect excavator for your operations.

Attachments of all types are available, but implements are getting more high tech. For example, tiltrotators have been growing in popularity for the last couple years. These tools allow operators to tilt and rotate an attachment 360 degrees — delivering versatility in a wide range of applications.

Tiltrotators increase the dexterity of the bucket movement and allow the bucket to operate much like their hand for specific digging and placement of material.

Aside from a traditional bucket, a thumb is perhaps the most popular attachment. Thumbs are a popular add-on and assist in cleaning up debris and pick-and-place tasks on landscape projects.

Buying a suitable mini excavator just right for your needs 

Deals and Warranties

Luckily for buyers, now is a great time to buy to make sure you’re ready for when construction season.

Buyers should check out the mini excavator’s warranty program. Warranties are an important part of protecting your investment and vary from brand to brand. DIG DOG brand mini excavator provideo profeesional warranty serivice to support you.

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