Became a Skid Steer Dealers Today

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Became a Skid Steer Dealers Today
Are you ready to revolutionize the construction machinery market? A leading skid steer loader factory, is on the lookout for passionate dealers and retailers to join our dynamic team. With our cutting-edge technology and commitment to quality, partnering with us opens doors to lucrative opportunities in the booming construction industry. Explore the benefits of becoming a DIG-DOG skid steer dealer and take your business to new heights.

About DIG-DOG Skid Steer Loader Factory

DIG-DOG, an independent brand in construction machinery, excels in excavation projects. With a commitment to quality and technology, we offer skid steer loaders and accessories. Exported to 80+ countries, we seek brand agents to explore wider markets. Investment and retail cooperation expand our reach, optimize resources, and cater to customer needs. DIG-DOG explores new possibilities, syncs with international brands, and upholds integrity to create brilliance with our partners.
Became a Skid Steer Dealers Today-DIG-DOG factory

Advantages of Our Skid Steer Loaders

The DIG-DOG excavator series, as an important part of our engineering machinery product line, has won widespread recognition in the market with its outstanding performance and technological innovation. Especially our skid steer loader series, including mini skid steer loaders, stands out in the engineering machinery market with its unique advantages.
Firstly, DIG-DOG skid steer loaders possess excellent flexibility and adaptability. They can easily work in narrow spaces where other machines cannot reach, replacing traditional manual labor and discarding hand tools and wheelbarrows, making it possible to efficiently complete tasks in hard-to-reach work areas. This machine can effortlessly navigate through doorways, entrances, or other confined spaces, bringing great convenience to engineering operations.
In terms of performance, despite their compact size, DIG-DOG skid steer loaders' capabilities are outstanding. Whether it's excavation, trenching, landscaping, or material handling, they can handle it with ease, demonstrating powerful work capabilities. This characteristic of being small in size yet powerful makes it excel in various engineering scenarios.
Additionally, DIG-DOG skid steer loaders boast high attachment versatility. We offer two mounting systems for users to choose from: one is a universal industry-standard interface design, allowing users to pair the machine with many existing loader attachments; the other is a proven dedicated mounting system, which enables quick attachment changes and ensures perfect compatibility between attachments and the machine. This design not only improves work efficiency but also provides users with more choices and flexibility.
Technological innovation and R&D strength are the keys to the continuous leadership of the DIG-DOG excavator series. We have a professional R&D team dedicated to continuously promoting technological innovation and product upgrades. By introducing advanced technologies and concepts, we continuously enhance product performance and quality, ensuring that users can get the best experience and results when using our products.
In summary, the DIG-DOG excavator series, with its flexibility, powerful work capabilities, and technological innovation strength, has become a leader in the engineering machinery market. If you are looking for an efficient and reliable engineering assistant, then DIG-DOG skid steer loaders are undoubtedly your best choice. Choose DIG-DOG and let us create a better future together!
 Became a Skid Steer Dealers Today-DIG-DOG skid steers with attachments

Franchise Policy for DIG-DOG Skid Steer Loaders

DIG-DOG always adheres to establishing long-term and stable cooperation relationships with dealers, achieving win-win development through a series of preferential policies and market support measures. Below is a detailed explanation of our franchise policy regarding dealer cooperation conditions, preferential policies, and market support and training.

1. Dealer Cooperation Conditions

We welcome partners who are interested in the engineering machinery industry, have certain market experience and resources to join DIG-DOG's dealer network. Specific cooperation conditions are as follows:
Financial Strength: Dealers should have sufficient financial strength to bear certain inventory pressure to ensure timely product supply.
Market Experience: They should possess rich industry experience and market insights, accurately grasp market dynamics, and formulate effective sales strategies.
Team Building: Having a professional and efficient sales team and after-sales service team capable of providing comprehensive service support to customers.
Compliance Operation: Adhering to national laws and regulations, operating with integrity, and maintaining brand image and market order.

2. Preferential Policies

To motivate the enthusiasm of dealers, we provide a series of preferential policies:
Price Discounts: Different levels of price discounts are offered based on the dealer's purchase quantity and cooperation period to ensure the competitiveness of dealers in the market.
Market Promotion Support: Providing market promotion fund support to assist dealers in carrying out online and offline promotional activities to expand brand influence.
Sales Rebates: Giving certain rebate rewards based on the dealer's sales performance to encourage dealers to actively explore the market.
Technical Support and Training: Providing professional technical support and regular training to help dealers enhance product knowledge and sales skills.

3. Market Support and Training

We deeply understand the importance of market support and training for dealers, so we will provide comprehensive market support and systematic training to help dealers better carry out their business.
Market Analysis: We will regularly provide market analysis reports to dealers to help them understand industry trends, competitor situations, and potential market opportunities.
Sales Strategy Formulation: Assisting dealers in formulating effective sales strategies and promotion plans based on market conditions and actual needs.
Product Knowledge Training: Regularly conducting product knowledge training to ensure that dealers fully understand the performance, characteristics, and usage methods of products so that they can better introduce and recommend products to customers.
Sales Skills Training: Providing sales skills training, including communication skills, negotiation skills, and customer relationship management, to help dealers improve their sales abilities.
After-sales Service Training: Attaching importance to the importance of after-sales service, providing after-sales service training to dealers to ensure that they can provide timely and professional after-sales support to customers.
Through the above measures, we hope to establish close and mutually beneficial cooperation relationships with dealers, jointly promote the development of the DIG-DOG brand in the market. We look forward to working with you to create a better future together!

After-Sales Service and Customer Care

At DIG-DOG, we understand the importance of after-sales service, which is why we provide comprehensive support and customer care. Our products come with a warranty period of up to 12 months or, alternatively, warranty service is still available after 2000 hours of work. This demonstrates our confidence in product quality and commitment to our customers.
Our after-sales service team is equipped with extensive professional knowledge and experience, enabling them to quickly respond to customer needs and provide timely and effective technical support and solutions. Whether it's addressing issues during product use or handling maintenance and repairs, we are dedicated to serving you and ensuring that your user experience remains optimal.
Additionally, we prioritize communication and engagement with our customers. We regularly keep in touch with customers to understand how our products are being used, gather feedback, and collect suggestions for continuous improvement of our products and services. We believe that only by genuinely caring about customer needs and experiences can we earn their trust and loyalty.
In conclusion, DIG-DOG's retail services are committed to providing customers with convenient, efficient, and high-quality shopping experiences. We will continue to strive to enhance our service level, meeting the expectations and needs of our customers as always.


DIG-DOG specializes in skid steer loaders, renowned for quality, technology, flexibility, and performance. We actively seek to expand our network of trusted skid steer dealers, offering clear cooperation terms, preferential policies, and market support. DIG-DOG prioritizes customer convenience and after-sales support, aiming to be a reliable partner in the construction machinery market for mutual success with our dealers.

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