Battery Powered: Electric Compact Wheel Loaders

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Battery Powered: Electric Compact Whee Loaders


Most of Electric machines has been focused on mini excavators, aerial lifts and other smaller ancillary equipment. However, electric compact wheel loaders are also a good choice.


Small machines lend themselves well to battery-electric drive.Although newer to customers, electric equipment — including compact wheel loaders — offers several advantages over middle distillate-powered models. Since electric compact wheel loaders boast zero emissions, crews can use them to work indoors or in sensitive areas where middle distillate machines can’t. Electric compact wheel loaders are quieter which allows operators to take on jobs in residential or crowded urban areas, as well as at night. On top of a quieter ride, these machines produce less vibration, providing operators with a more comfortable workday.


Lower operating costs — thanks to minimal maintenance and no fuel — is another advantage but can get lost in the machine’s higher initial purchase price.


The total cost of ownership should be considered when evaluating the actual price of new electric models, largely around fuel savings, less scheduled maintenance and extended component life. Even though the electric machines might not be cheaper, they add more value because they allow contractors to bid on emissions-restricted jobs, work during the night in densely populated areas and work indoors, as well as in many other niche applications unsuitable for conventional middle distillate machines.


Aside from all the advantages above, it’s also important to note that electric machines offer comparable power and specs to middle distillate ones. Be sure to compare the electric compact wheel loader’s specs to ensure it provides similar performance. Customers don’t have to sacrifice power by buying an electric model.

 Battery Powered: Electric Compact Wheel Loaders 

When it comes to power and performance, our electric compact wheel loader specifications are nearly identical to their middle distillate counterparts — almost line for line, every middle distillate model spec applies to the electric models.


As for operation, users can see improvement among idle times with electric machines. With middle distillate construction equipment, operating time is defined by the engine runtime, and a lot of those hours are counted while the machine is idle. On the flip side, the motors on electric machines power down as soon as the operator stops working, pausing operating hours from accumulating.

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