Backhoe Loader: not only the immediate working conditions

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Backhoe loader is an unique construction, the front end is the loading unit and the back end is the excavation unit. In the construction site, you can change from loader to excavator operator role with a simple turn of the seat.

Backhoe Loader: not only the immediate working conditions

The backhoe loader is mainly used for urban and rural road construction and maintenance, cable laying, power and airport projects, municipal construction, agricultural water conservancy construction, rural residential construction, rock removal and various construction projects engaged in by various small construction teams. "Backhoe" belongs to a small multifunctional construction machinery, generally used in small projects after the completion of large projects.


The backhoe loader loading apparatus is installed in the front of the equipment, and the excavation apparatus is installed in the back of the equipment, so only the seat needs to be turned to achieve the conversion of loading and excavation functions. The backhoe loader is compact and easy to maintain. The engine compartment cover can be opened to replace various filter elements, coolant, oil, etc., which is low maintenance cost and cost saving. Maintenance is also easy, and most of the maintenance work can be done without climbing up.


The backhoe loader is small in size and has a small turning radius, so it can work in narrow areas. The backhoe loader is equipped with deep-tooth tires, which can make it have good off-road performance. It is fast on the highway and very easy to transfer from one work site to another, which greatly saves the transfer time and transportation cost.


Backhoe loader is a set of tractor, loader and excavator of the three-in-one equipment, the main function is to dig and load, but also can be installed quick-change device, through the replacement of different attachments, can be achieved in addition to digging, loading, crushing, drilling, snow removal, cleaning and other different functions, using a variety of working environment needs. Two-headed busy efficiency, and compared with large single-function equipment, its size and more compact, and multi-functionality can help customers save a lot of time and money.


Backhoe loader working device generally adopts eight-link mechanism, with mechanical leveling or hydraulic leveling mechanism, loading bucket is mostly "four in one" bucket, can also choose to install "six in one" bucket. The excavator can be divided into side-shift and center-axle type. The side-shift excavator can move left and right on the frame, while the center-axle excavation device cannot move left and right on the frame.


The excavation moving arm is divided into curved arm type and straight arm type, and the structure of curved arm is similar to the structure of excavator. The cab of backhoe loader is usually designed for negative pressure to reduce dust entry. In order to provide sufficient safety for the operator, the anti-roll/anti-fall cab is used. The cab is constructed with glass on all sides to provide the operator with a 360 panoramic view. The cab is designed to be silent to isolate noise pollution. The ergonomically arranged operating handle and instrumentation can reduce operator fatigue to a large extent.

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