Amphibious Excavator and Long Boom Options

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Update time : 2022-07-22 10:43:07

When working in swamps, marshes and other wet environments, nothing beats the versatility of the amphibious undercarriage for your excavator.

Not only will these modifications save you on project costs, but will also help to increase total production in most applications. Combined with the DIG-DOG Pump Excavator Attachment, you can turn your excavator into an agile dredging powerhouse, capable of handling any environment and material you put in front of it.


Amphibious Swamp Buggy Conversion – Pontoon undercarriages

Pontoon undercarriages replace the OEM factory tracks. The excavator tracks are converted to an amphibious undercarriage for use in marshy areas and flooded swamp area. With a long reach boom, this system is unmatched in productivity.


Common sense suggests that floating excavators are only useful in the South around the vast wetlands/swamp, but there are actually many scenarios which could effectively employ the use of amphibious machines.

Projects around ocean shores, river beds, and recent floods are all great areas to use a marsh buggy to save on costs. Semi-aquatic equipment can efficiently perform in a wide array of applications including flood and disaster recovery efforts, dredging, environmental remediation, and various construction projects such as laying pipelines, levees, or highways.


Dredge Attachment and Long Boom Package


The benefits of this combo system are reduced setup time because the boom is pre-plumbed for the discharge hoses, saving custom modification time for the client. This is a plug and pump system to that attaches to your excavator and gets your project started sooner VS doing your own hose plumbing.

Plus, the long boom greatly extends your production zone. Especially convenient in the situation when the spuds are engaged, less resetting of the excavator position.

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