What jobs can you do with a mini excavator?

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Although the efficiency of mini excavators is not as good as large excavators, but it has a wide range of applications. The mini excavator has small volume and low initial investment cost. It is widely used in urban architectural decoration, agricultural garden and so on.

What jobs can you do with a mini excavator?

1. Municipal engineering

The mini-digger is going to the landfill. In municipal construction, ditching and filling pipes are essential. Small excavator with small size and strong flexibility is the ideal choice. The boom of the small excavator can also be tilted 90 degrees, which is very practical when burying the wall. It is also very convenient for transportation; You can use light trucks or even pickup trucks to complete the transfer.

2. Interior decoration

In interior decoration, builders sometimes need to break down walls. Small excavators are more efficient than manual crushing. Its relatively small size allows a small excavator to use it to go up and down stairs or even use an elevator to reach higher floors. Close break

3. Home use

When building houses, small excavators must manually dig the foundation and water supply and drainage pipes. These tasks can be solved by micro-excavators, which reduce the labor intensity of workers and greatly improve the construction speed. Some friends would also consider using it to dig a home swimming pool.

Use a small digger to dig the pond

4. Tunnel construction

Because the small excavator is low in height, it can be used for small tunnel construction. We have developed electric micro-excavators that are more suitable for tunnel environments.

5. Gardening

The working environment of agricultural gardens is relatively small. There are often crops and crop trees around. In agricultural gardens, it is impossible to use large machinery for digging and ditching. Mini digger is just right.

6. The greenhouse

This is common in China. Vegetable sheds are generally very low. Large farm machinery could not work indoors, so small excavators replaced grounding and ditching.

7. Steel slag

In making steel, a steel mill produces a lot of slag. Small excavators are often used to process steel slag and slag. In this harsh working environment, the technical requirements for driver operation are also higher.

8. Dangerous work at height

We often see some small excavators on the cliff to build cliff or post-disaster reconstruction work. The operator can tilt the excavator chassis to keep the upper cab level while suspending the excavator with a wire rope. It's very brave to operate this excavator!

The above is some practical fields of micro excavators. If you want to do business in small excavator, please contact us.

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