What is the future development of electric loaders?

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Under the background that the loader market has entered a mature stage, electric loaders have gradually become a new attraction in the market. Regarding the future development trend of electric loaders, many well-known brands have given highly consistent judgments on the prospects of electric loaders in many aspects, and the classification and integration are as follows:


Electric loaders are about to enter the outbreak period


Vice President of Liugong Loader Research Institute: It is estimated that the electric loader market will officially enter the introduction period in 2022-2023; the annual sales of electric loaders in China will grow rapidly in 2024-2025.


Assistant to the Director of Technology Center of XCMG Scraper Machinery Division: Electric loaders will become one of the products with the largest growth in the industry in the next five years, and are expected to reach more than 20% of the capacity at the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan".


Deputy General Manager of Sany Electric Loader Company: By 2025, the annual demand for electric loaders in China may reach 35,000 units.


Product Manager of Shantui New Energy Product Research Institute: At present, the market acceptance of electric loaders is accelerating. In the next few years, it will be the fastest-growing electric product in China's construction machinery industry.


Based on the above points of view, we can conclude that in the next 1-2 years, the market demand for electrified products will be fully activated, and in the next 2-3 years, electric loaders will enter an explosive period.


5-7 ton products are the mainstream in the market, and there is more demand for large tonnage products.


"With the fierce competition in the domestic loader market, the price of small-tonnage fuel products is too low, and the price of electric products with the same tonnage is three times that of traditional models. If the price difference is too large, users will not be willing to choose. For 6-ton and 7-ton models, The price of electric products is about twice that of traditional products, and this price difference is easier to make up for by reducing fuel costs, and the return on investment period is shorter. Therefore, 6-ton and 7-ton electric loaders will become the mainstream.


The electric loader will greatly reduce the user's use cost, and the electric loader products will bring obvious economic benefits to the user.


In the next five years, electric loaders will gradually enter an explosive period. For manufacturers, this will be an opportunity to improve product layout and achieve a jump in sales. For end users, it will also be a new opportunity to realize low-cost operation.

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